A QSFP-100G-LR Optical Transceiver Module


The QSFP-100G-LR (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable 100G Long Reach) optical transceiver module is a high-speed networking component designed to facilitate data transmission over optical fibre networks. It belongs to the QSFP family of transceivers, which are widely used in data centres and telecommunications networks to support high-bandwidth applications.

Here’s a detailed description of the QSFP-100G-LR optical transceiver module:

Form Factor: The QSFP-100G-LR module is compact and adheres to the QSFP form factor standard. This allows for high port density on networking equipment, as it occupies minimal space.

Data Rate: As the name suggests, the QSFP-100G-LR supports a data rate of up to 100 gigabits per second (Gbps). This high data rate makes it suitable for demanding applications where large volumes of data need to be transmitted rapidly.

Transmission Distance: The “LR” designation indicates that this module is designed for Long Reach applications. It can transmit data over relatively long distances compared to modules designed for shorter distances. Typically, the QSFP-100G-LR module supports transmission distances of up to several kilometres, making it suitable for interconnecting network switches or routers across data centre facilities.

Optical Interface: The QSFP-100G-LR module utilizes optical signals for data transmission. It features an LC (Lucent Connector) duplex optical connector for interfacing with single-mode optical fibre cables. Single-mode fibre is commonly used in long-distance applications due to its ability to transmit data over greater distances with lower attenuation.

Wavelength: This module operates at specific optical wavelengths, typically in the range of 1310 nanometres (nm). The specific wavelength used ensures compatibility with other optical components in the network.

Transmission Medium: The QSFP-100G-LR module transmits data optically through single-mode fibre optic cables. These cables provide a reliable medium for high-speed data transmission over long distances while minimizing signal loss and interference.

Protocol Compatibility: The QSFP-100G-LR module is designed to support various networking protocols, including Ethernet, InfiniBand, and Fiber Channel. It provides flexibility for use in different networking environments and applications.

Hot-Pluggable: Like other QSFP modules, the QSFP-100G-LR is hot-pluggable, meaning it can be inserted or removed from a compatible port without powering down the networking equipment. This feature facilitates easy installation and maintenance without disrupting network operations.

In summary, the QSFP-100G-LR optical transceiver module is a high-performance networking component that enables reliable and high-speed data transmission over long distances in data centre and telecommunications networks.

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Here are the general technical specifications of the QSFP-100G-LR optical transceiver module:

  • Form Factor: QSFP28 (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable 28)
  • Data Rate: 100 gigabits per second (Gbps)
  • Transmission Distance: Up to 10 kilometres (km)
  • Optical Interface: LC duplex connector
  • Wavelength: 1310 nanometres (nm)
  • Fiber Type: Single-mode fibre (SMF)
  • Optical Power Output: Typically around 0 to +4 dBm
  • Receiver Sensitivity: Typically around -10 dBm
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)
  • Supply Voltage: Typically +3.3V
  • Power Consumption: Typically around 4.5 watts (W)
  • Digital Diagnostic Monitoring: Yes (DDM)
  • Compliance:
    • IEEE 802.3ba 100GBASE-LR4
    • QSFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement)
    • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant

These specifications may vary slightly. Please contact us for specific information.