Direct Attach Cables

Direct Attach Cables are a type of optical transceiver assembly that are widely used in data centres, storage area networks, and high-performance computer networks. These cables form a stack by connecting one mobility access switch with another.

Direct Attach Cables and Active Optical Cables

Direct Attach and Active Optical Cables

Direct Attach and Active Optical Cables produced by 1000 GIG are used in high density, high speed input/output data centre applications. They are used in networking, data storage and telecom systems where you need the highest possible network efficiency and a much lower cost.

RoHS, ISO & FCC compliant
ISO Certified Compatible Transceivers and Cables
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DACs and AOCs from 1000 GIG

1000 GIG provides many different types of high speed interconnect DAC assemblies such as 40G QSFP+ Cables, 10G SFP+ Cables, and 120G CXP Cables. Our products are more cost efficient and deliver superior bandwidth. We can customise them based on your requirements. All DAC and AOC assemblies come with a lifetime warranty, superior technical support and compatibility guarantee.

Vendor Compatible Cables

Explore our range of compatible Direct Attach and Active Optical Cables or contact us to discuss your needs.